26.11. Psyltobilly Festival V @Sylt

Thursday, 26th November 2009....

20.00 hrs – *1st Psyltobilly Schnägndägnkopinägn Kneipenregatta*

Minimum 5 Bars per hour. Start at "Alt Berlin" in Westerland

Friday, 27th November 2009....

14.00 hrs – *I'm waiting for my man*

Welcome Cocktail at Bar "Riff" in Westerland

18.00 hrs – *Die große Sause!*

Fish & sea fruits at Gosch's Bootshalle in List

20.00 hrs - *Psyltobilly Pirate Conquer Cruise*

Frantic Flintstones (very rare unplugged session),

Burlesque Show whiz Lethal Lily, DJ Captain Capone,

Fledimania Psyltobilly Tattoos,

Knet-o-Billy and a "shell shrimps raffle"! (Great prices to win!)

Departure at List Hafen whiz Adler Schiff VI

(limited tickets! Pre sale only!)

0.00 hrs - PraisetheAdmiralRejectBirthdayMuh on the boat!

01.30 hrs – *Mussel Shock Rock*

Aftercruise Rumble whiz DJ Johnny Bravo (CH)

at Thommy's Musik Cafe in Westerland

Saturday, 28th November 2009....

13.00 hrs - *Lobsterbilly Squadrons*

Gourmet Tasting at Gosch in Westerland

15.00 hrs – *No time to lose*

Drink until dawn & Fledimania Psyltobilly Tattoos

at Alt Berlin in Westerland

18.00 hrs – *Psyltobilly Insanity* at Thommy's Musik Cafe in Westerland

Frantic Flintstones (UK)

A Pony named Olga (GER)

Minestompers (GER)

After Show DJ battle

whiz DJ JOHNNY BRAVO (CH) & DJ Captain Capone

02.00 hrs – *An ode to Jumbo's Clown Room*

Titty Bar Heatness at Z1 in Westerland

Sunday, 29th November 2009....

14.00 hrs – *Ich will zurück*..… zu Gosch in Westerland

20.00 hrs – *Dead after Midnight* (For the flying Posse)

at "Riff" in Westerland

Band & artist Links:




Location Links & Adresses:

Adler Schiffe http://www.adler-schiffe.de

Thommys Musik Cafe: http://www.sylt-thommys.de
Gosch Sylt: http://www.gosch-sylt.de

Z1 Titty Bar: http://www.z1-nightclub-sylt.de/
Riff Westerland: Boysenstrasse 4, Westerland/Sylt

Alt Berlin: Friedrichstrasse, Westerland/ Sylt

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  1. Anonym1/12/09

    tip top muh party ... next year again ...