27.3. UNESTABLISHED 2010 FESTIVAL @ Gruenspan Hamburg

In the last months the spawn of hell I HATE PEOPLE RECORDS brought strong fresh wind to the alternative music scene but now and finally IHP and the CLUB CALAVERA invites you to the „UNESTABLISHED 2010 FESTIVAL" to Hamburg.

27.03. Hamburg - Gruenspan / IHP Festival (GER)
# THE M3T3ORS (Record Release Show)
# MR.IRISH BASTARD (Record Release Show)


and from the QUEEN CALAVERA, the "Home Of Burlesque"

The sins record of IHP is long although the label started only a short while ago. Label boss Andre was founder and head of PLY Records but the day came when he decided to go back to his roots and give the scene with I HATE PEOPLE a new underground label that was sorely needed in his point of view. Big names like THE METEORS and others didn't hesitate for a second to assure that they will stay on André's side. Now the label is looking forward to its first releases and the first festival show.

Also the well-known KING CALAVERA had a tough time when trouser-suffers wanted to bring the Rock`n`Roll institution to the knees. But the CALAVERA crew won the fight and now there is

the KING CALAVERA in great new rooms and as an extra the Burlesque Club QUEEN CALAVERA with its amazing dancers. Well done.

Neither adapted nor mainstream I HATE PEOPLE RECORDS nor the QUEEN CALAVERA are loved with burning hearts by the underground scene and hated by the bourgeois.

On the 27th of March the first „UNESTABLISHED 2010
FESTIVAL"will come to the Gruenspan in Hamburg . An awesome package of four fantastic bands that will guarantee an amazing festival show.

Top-act of the night will be the world-famous THE METEORS with their front man P.PAUL FENECH who founded the bastard son of Rock`n`Roll that is known as Psychobilly.

The festival gig is also the record release show for the P.PAUL FENECH must-have release „Best Of... PPF666" (IHP RECORDS).
For folk rockers, paddy punks and everyone who is addicted to the underground way of life MR. IRISH BASTARD will fire a broadside of their beer-soaked punkrock. Also MR. IRISH BASTARD will present you their new album with the meaningful title „A Fistful Of Dirt" that will match perfectly to the IHP bunch.
With the GRAVEYARD JOHNNYS you get a fresh band from Wales too. These guys absorbed pub-culture intensely and with their mix of rockabilly and punk they will give you a great time. Maybe your next favourite band.

The folk punk rockers PIPES AND PINTS from Prague complete the package for a diversified festival.

Between the bands the awesome burlesque dancers LEOLILLY and EVE CHAMPAGNE from the „Home of Burlesque"will show you why the QUEEN CALAVERA has such a good reputation world-wide.
As a special thank you for loyalty and support in the last months the first 100 guests will receive the IHP compilation for free.

DJ Don KLO, DJ Spy and DJ Heizer will put you over the edge.
Ticket Hotline: Gruenspan +49 (0)40-3179-3483

Be there or bury yourself !!

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